Online purchase proves online shopping scams still exist

Despite the return of in-person shopping, online shopping scams continue to be a major risk for shoppers, according to reports submitted to BBB®. Consumers alerted BBB, a website advertising a wide range of products on social media. Since March 2021, BBB has received eight complaints, four BBB Scam Tracker reports and 100 inquiries regarding […]

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Online Trading Academy Research Center Begins to Dispel Myths About Educated Traders and Investors

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–There is a growing tide of interest in the voice of retail traders and investors as an increasingly important and misunderstood segment of financial markets. Having served over 80,000 students with continuing education in trading and investing, online trading academy is well placed to study the educated traders and investors sub-segment. “The OTA […]

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Woman reveals failed online purchase with pants almost as big as her

A woman’s online purchase turned into a hysterical mistake, when she was delivered a pair of pants that appeared to be almost as tall as she was. While shopping for jeans online can cause cyber-consumers hell, women’s trouser length has revealed a whole new debacle in the digital e-commerce space. Share the situation in a […]

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7 tips to excel in online trading

Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs. What does it take to be good at online trading and earn money by buying and selling stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies and other financial markets on the Internet? 1. Online Trading vs Investing Online trading is an active, short-term method of making money. It differs from the long-term […]

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Investigation: Woman killed after agreeing to meet about online purchase | News

Police say a Geistown man admitted to stabbing a local woman to death in her apartment, blaming an argument over the price of a fridge as sparking the clash. Denise Williams, 54, of Hornerstown, was stabbed repeatedly with a knife – despite efforts to protect herself from attack – after agreeing on social media to […]