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A guided approach to online trading

An AMEinfo exclusive

In an interview with AMEinfo, XTB MENA LTD, one of the largest exchange-listed FX and CFD brokers in the world, shared their expertise on the rise and prospects of online forex/stock trading, particularly in the current digital age and epidemic. of COVID-19.

We posed the following questions to Farah Mourad, Senior Market Analyst at XTB MENA:

1- Can you give an overview of the online trading/forex industry in recent years?

The appetite for investment has grown in the region over the past few years, and it started with the impact of the internet on retailers and investors’ thirst for new investment opportunities. Access to news sources and market insights, trading and risk management courses, low fees and fast executions have further opened the door to new markets to instantly begin a journey of discovery. ‘investment.

The world of online trading has seen a whole new hype post-COVID-19, which has led to high volatility in the financial and commodity markets, coupled with interest rate cuts, making trading in financial instruments very attractive to many investors. XTB Group recorded a record number of new customers reaching 112,000 against less than 37,000 a year earlier, representing a growth of more than 200%. Contracts for difference (CFD) trading volumes increased from 1.6 million to 3.2 million lots year-over-year.

2- How can consumers earn a second source of income from the comfort of their own home?

Many people turned to online trading during the lockdown, however, some individual investors did not have the right capital allocation, risk management, time or temperament to achieve sustainable profits with day trading. Nevertheless, the advantages of online trading are visible and attractive when it comes to real-time monitoring and execution, flexibility, low fees, capital control and equal access to information and data.

3- Can you shed some light on some of the richest or most successful online marketers in the Middle East?

It would be misleading to choose one or a list without examining the trading and risk management strategies of a trader or entity. The richest and most successful titles do not necessarily go hand in hand. You may have no trading experience, take a huge risk and manage to make a 500% profit in one day, but I wouldn’t call that successful trading. Yet, you can follow the latest market news and trends, look at technical signs, apply good risk management, and set a clear and reasonable goal, but still fail to make a huge profit. This is what I call a successful approach to online trading.

Personally, I believe that the most successful online traders are those who admit their faults faster than others, control their emotions and apply the best risk management to their trading strategies.

4- How XTB MENA stands out in training local traders?

Financial education has become an increasingly important factor in the region. All information, data and news is available, and that is what is fascinating about this type of investment, because it provides equal access to data for everyone. But it also creates challenges for investors: how will they filter this massive data set? And what should they get out of it? This is a gap that we strive to fill. When it comes to market analysis and financial education, we want to give regional traders access to professional analysis tools such as online courses, market updates, performance statistics, graph analyzes and much more.

Additionally, traders can access all of XTB MENA’s online trading tools through our one-stop-shop “Xstation” platform, which has been carefully designed to help traders extract more in-depth and factual information on the latest news and market updates.

5- What are your best online trading tips??

I would like to start with the phrase “the market is your teacher, always be a student”. Personally, I think online trading is a continuous learning process. As an online trader, it’s all about understanding the markets and all of their intricacies, including every day’s progress, every trade, every profit and every loss. Whether you are a novice trader wishing to enter the world of online trading or a professional looking to expand your investment portfolios, I encourage everyone to benefit from “XTB Academy”, which offers courses, sessions and tutorials from online trading, bifurcated by level of expertise and targeted topics.

All these training sessions will eventually help candidates gain relevant knowledge to make informed business decisions for the future.

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