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Bublédon launches online shopping app to improve customer experience and foster closer community ties

In 2012, Bublédon established its first clothing brand – Allegra K – with the aim of providing comfortable, casual and quality clothing to female customers around the world. Since its launch, Allegra K has quickly gained a sizable segment among the world’s top women’s clothing brands and is becoming increasingly popular among women who flock to its clothing and accessory lines.

After almost ten years of dedication, Bublédon has successfully developed its complete apparel supply chain with a team of top designers. To complement Allegra K, Bublédon went even further by creating a plus size brand – Ágnes Orinda – to meet the needs of curvy women. With Ágnes Orinda, all women can easily find the comfortable, sexy and beautiful outfits they want to hug their curves. Although Bublédon mainly serves the female population, it has never stopped expanding its market segment. With his menswear brand — Lars Amadeus — Bublédon has been able to consistently offer high-end clothing and accessories to potential male customers.

Bublédon has always given priority to customer experience and opinions. To better interact with its subscribers, an engaging community has been created to post monthly special giveaways and exclusive offers. For example, the “A New Year, A New You” distribution activity took place in January with a winner announced every day for five consecutive days from January 17 to January 21 to make their “New Year, New You” wishes come true. Each winner received a total of prizes worth up to $1,000 and more customers are encouraged to join the engaging community to learn about ongoing special offers.

Bublédon offers free delivery on all orders over $49. For new customers, Bublédon also offers $5 on their first order which is completed $49 in total, plus free return and exchange if they are not satisfied with the first purchase experience.

About Bubledon

Bublédon is the official site to sell Allegra K, Ágnes Orinda and Lars Amadeusoffering high quality women’s and men’s clothing, shoes and other fashion accessories such as bags, scarves and belts among others at reasonable prices.

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