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Collect an online purchase? OC to Create “Safe Zones” for Exchange – Orange County Register

Parking spaces at sheriff’s stations and eventually other locations around the county will be transformed into safe spaces for people to meet to make online sales or to pick up and drop off children in shared custody situations.

The “safe zones” program, proposed by Supervisor Don Wagner, would designate locations with good lighting and surveillance cameras at sheriff’s facilities around Orange County for such exchanges. Some cities with their own police departments, including Irvine and Buena Park, already offer similar swap locations.

It’s unclear how much the county’s program will cost or how many locations it will end up including.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department headquarters in Santa Ana does not have public parking, but there are parking spaces at the Lake Forest and Aliso Viejo substations, and the department has parking lots. space, generally in the town halls, in the 13 cities. contracted to serve, said department spokeswoman Carrie Braun.

Sheriff’s staff will work with the county to “assess each police station or location individually and then make recommendations to council,” she said.

Before the board of supervisors approved the proposal on Tuesday, Wagner said it was about providing an easy-to-find safe place, “so you don’t run into someone you don’t know somewhere distant. ”

“We see an increase in e-commerce sales and an increase in violence or theft when the parties meet to complete the transaction,” he said later. “We want to provide more peace of mind for any potentially unsettling in-person interactions.”