Online shopping

Costco extends online shopping discounts for members

A stock photo of a Costco storefront. (Credit: Costco Wholesale)

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Costco is starting to cater more to online shoppers who would rather have a clickable cart than stand in line with a physical cart.

Costco members can get exclusive prices when shopping on the websites of brands that have partnered with the retailer through the “Costco Next” program.

Costco doesn’t have any of these items in its own inventory, but the program gives curated recommendations of other brands that have the Costco quality and value members are looking for.

There are over 30 vendors to choose from, including brands that sell Korean clothing, home furnishings, health and beauty products, and even e-bikes.

“This innovative approach to market expansion helps us achieve our goal of offering a wider and more diverse product selection to our members while increasing the value of our Costco membership,” the company said.

The program has been around since 2017, but Costco recently expanded it to include more brands, according to CNN. It’s a nudge to give members another incentive to renew.

You will need to use the Costco Next website to visit the supplier, entering your membership number before seeing exclusive offers. The supplier handles all shipping, returns and customer service, Costco said, but there is also a Costco Next customer service contact.