Online shopping

Customers are turning to online shopping


A large number of Ramadan shoppers started shopping online ahead of Eid.

Previously, the coronavirus pandemic proved to be a blessing for this sector and companies acted to fill the void created by the physical closure of businesses.

A large number of citizens are shopping online for Eid to avoid the market rush and heat. The growing trend of online shopping is causing problems for the Rawalpindi business community. There are six major bazaars in the cantonment and town of Rawalpindi which were once popular among Eid shoppers.

A large number of shoppers from the suburbs of Rawalpindi and Kashmir visited these markets every year before Eid. These bazaars offer new cheap, expensive, lower and higher quality designs, all kinds of clothing for women, children and adults. Every year during the month of Ramazan, traders made good profits. However, due to the changing trend of Eid shopping in the past couple of years, traders in Rawalpindi mostly remain idle while waiting for customers as the growing trend of online shopping has impacted their business. .

Tahir Taj Bhatti, a business manager of Moti Bazaar in Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi, told The Express Tribune that a large number of shoppers have switched to online shopping over the past two years due to the coronavirus. He said there was no doubt that big frauds took place with online shoppers. Even so, shopping online is a good option.

He said that with online shopping, any buyer can choose and buy all kinds of varieties from the comfort of their own home. He said that the first buyers used to go to the market after the 10th of the month of fasting, because women, children and adults were all shopping and the business people were making good profits.

He said people did not start shopping in bazaars this year, but online Eid shopping has started. He said that over the past few years people have not turned to bazaars for Eid shopping because of the coronavirus and now they are shopping online in times of extreme heat and fasting. He said it is obvious that when a large number of buyers prefer online shopping, merchants will suffer a lot and it will be difficult to run a business.

Bank Road business leader Zafar Qadri said online shopping along with various discounts and sales and other offers from big brands have ruined small businesses. “Obviously, if a buyer is offered a free suite with a suit when shopping online, they’ll never go to the market,” he said. They offer everything from costume to cosmetics to shoes. He said small traders did not earn enough profit to offer a discount.

Business leader Yasir Butt said that currently only those who use social media do not shop online. “Today’s younger generation buys everything online. This has had an impact on large companies. He said marketers who switched to digital marketing five years ago are happy today. He said that the small traders did not have the money to pay the rent and the salaries of the vendors.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 16and2022.