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E-commerce remains a problem – FBC News

Consumers shop at a local supermarket. [File Photo]

As the e-commerce sector exploded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it also brought challenges for consumers.

General Manager of Consumer Council, Seema shandel says it has received more than 100 complaints about online transactions worth more than $70,000 in the past year.

She says online transactions remain a problem for many consumers.

“Over the past 12 months, the Council has received a total of 188 complaints about online businesses. For a small market like Fiji, that’s quite high Number especially since these are the only cases reported by consumers.

Shandil points out that while the number of complaints varies, the nature of the complaints remains the same.

“There have also been instances where payments have been received under the guise of providing Well and once payment is made has received the just trader disappears, delay in delivery of goodsnormally what they advertise is that you will receive your items in 24 hours but that never happens.

She adds that work is underway to develop laws to legally bind online merchants.

Shandil says they will continue to raise awareness of some of the things consumers need to look out for when dealing with online merchants.