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How online shopping has changed during COVID-19 | Interests

Chances are the way you shop has changed significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not just because people were stuck at home during lockdowns or switched to working from home. It was also because they were increasingly looking for novelty in their products, changing brands to what was newer and cheaper. They were trying out more augmented reality products before adding them to their cart, from earrings and eyeshadow to new canapes.

To track our changing shopping habits, Cheap Insurance has gathered information from various government and industry sources to examine the impact of the pandemic on online shopping.

According to the Census Bureau’s annual retail survey (released April 2022), e-commerce generated more than $800 billion in sales in 2020, driven in part by a huge increase in online grocery orders . Meanwhile, clothing stores have seen some of the biggest drops in revenue, losing more than 25% of sales between 2019 and 2020. Some people may have put on office-appropriate tops for their Zoom calls, but others kept our cameras off in their pajamas. or athleisure. Additionally, people who showed up to work as essential workers were more likely to rely on uniforms or specialty clothing like scrubs that are not part of the general clothing market.

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