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How This Online Trading Platform Uses Customer Experience to Raise Service Standards

Positive customer reviews

Unsurprisingly, its customer service reps have garnered positive feedback for their work, with feedback channels also drawing compliments from customers.

“Great! Whenever I call your parents you are always very polite and you are always very helpful!” said a Tiger Brokers customer of his experiences calling the customer service hotline in April 2022. In his review, he mentioned that the customer service manager communicated clearly and was very polite and patient.

Another customer who asked for help via email in May 2022 reported that the customer service team responded with several emails with detailed explanations. She said in her review, “I will stay with the platform because of the awesome services provided by you and your team.”

Tiger Brokers has been recognized in the Singapore’s Best Customer Service 2022/23 survey by The Straits Times and research firm Statista for providing the best customer service in the trading and brokerage services sub-category, under Real Estate and Bank.

Its app’s user-friendly interface was praised at Singapore Business Review’s 2021 Technology Excellence Awards, where it won the Mobile Award.

The company recently won a fintech award as part of the 2022 SBR Technology Excellence Awards Financial Services Award – for riding the wave of digital disruption with innovations that have successfully transformed industries and business models.

The company is not resting on its laurels. According to Mr. Eng, he is more motivated than ever to surpass past achievements.

“This latest accolade and industry recognition for Tiger Brokers’ high standards of customer service has inspired us to want to do more and stay at the forefront of delivering exemplary customer service. “, did he declare.

“Along with this, we are determined to deliver ground-breaking service offerings that allow us to disrupt the online brokerage industry and democratize the investment process by making it more easily accessible.”