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“I should literally cancel”

A woman on ICT Tac received an unexpected prompt when purchase an office chair online, and viewers couldn’t believe the audacity.

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When TikToker and content creator Emily Hebert (@spookywiener) recently tried to buy a office chair online, the retailer asked her if she wanted to leave a point. Whereas tip is an integral part of the American service industry, some might say the practice has gotten out of hand.

The TikTok clip opens with Hébert speaking to the camera in front green screen website checkout page images.

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“I buy a office chair online, and they ask me if I want to leave a tip…”, declares Hébert in disbelief, pointing to the website tip options on the checkout page.

Under the promo code OFFICE-10, which Hebert applied to his purchase, are several tip options ranging from 1% to 5%, or a custom amount to clients can show their “team support”.

Hebert’s puzzled expression says it all as she looks up at the web point selection function.

TikTok viewers wonder if tips actually go to employees

Viewers were also amazed by the unorthodox tip request, especially given the lack of evidence that the website actually awards tips to company employees.

“I would literally have to cancel for their sheer audacity,” said one user.

“Bought a wallet once online, same thing. The wording was: “Buy our team a coffee?’ If the $70 wallet can’t buy them a coffee, it’s on y’all,” one TikToker shared.

“Basically they ask you if you voluntarily want to pay more. This tip is wrong workers“, noted a viewer.

“Tipping is for people who earn less than minimum wage“, said one user emphatically.

While many employees rely on tips To support themselves, customers also want to know where their money is going.

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