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iOS 16 could add support for virtual cards when shopping online

What do you want to know

  • Apple may be planning virtual card support in iOS 16.
  • The new beta code indicates that Apple is working on better support for virtual cards when shopping online.
  • These cards are issued by banks with no physical equivalent that hide your real card number online.

A new report indicates that Apple is at least considering adding better support for virtual cards on iOS 16.

From 9 to 5 Mac:

As 9to5Mac shows in the iOS 16 beta 3 internal code released for developers on Wednesday, Apple has been working on a new system to integrate virtual cards into Safari to improve security when shopping online.

While Apple and iOS 16 already have very strong integration for Apple Pay, Wallet and Cards when shopping online, the company may well be looking at even better integration for virtual cards issued by certain banks, a useful security alternative. which ensures that your real card number is never at risk of being leaked or stolen.

The report states that the code for the latest iOS 16 beta reads:

Make this card available in Safari AutoFill and hide your real card number when shopping online. Continue to use your card as usual. When shopping online, it’s now available in Safari AutoFill with your real card information hidden. For added security, the website will now use a virtual card number and is available in Safari AutoFill.

As the report notes, it is unclear at this stage whether support for this will be universal or will depend on banks to provide support.

The report says the new beta also includes better integration for AutoFill, meaning Safari will now “scan for Apple Pay-compatible credit and debit cards” and prompt users to add it to the Wallet app. Currently, Safari does not support AutoFill cards that are not supported by Apple Pay.

Apple’s new iOS 16 beta is now available to developers, with a public beta expected this month.