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Joplin Voters Approved “Proposal A,” Adding an Online Shopping Tax for Town Improvements | KSNF/KODE

JOPLIN, Mo. – The election results will have a significant impact on many cities and counties across the four states.

In Joplin, voters approved “Proposition A.”

Of course, we learned last night that voters approved the use tax, or online shopping tax. But this is only the first of many steps that begin now.

“So I’m very grateful that voters saw the value in that,” said Joplin Mayor Ryan Stanley.

In other words, vote yes on Proposition Action, approving a 3 and 1/8% tax on online purchases. There are nearly four dozen goals for the project, some already underway, according to Mayor Ryan Stanley.

“There are already things that we have already started like one of our police recruitment and retention proposals that was going to incur some expense. We needed to get into it faster because we needed to replenish some of our arm, our staff, so we kind of got into that already,” Stanley said.

And much more to come, from tackling homelessness to economic development.

“A portion will go into our general fund and a portion will go towards parks and stormwater improvements. A portion will go to public safety. Part of it will go towards improving our roads – part of it will go towards retiring our public safety pension,” Stanley said.

Stanley adds that it helps solve what had been a mayoral income crisis, with online sales being a factor.
Ryan Stanley, Mayor of Joplin: “As more dollars and more business transactions have happened online and not in our stores. What we were giving up years ago, that number is only growing and it seems to be growing exponentially.

It will take at least a few weeks before tax is added to your online purchase. This should be launched in early January. The tax is expected to bring the city about $3.7 million annually.