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Launch of the new e-commerce brand in Asia

MAJURO, Marshall Islands, October 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As new online investment opportunities continue to emerge daily, a new commercial brand has recently been launched with the aim of serving the needs of Asian traders, among other clients. The brand, Beneffx.comoffers online brokerage services on a wide list of assets, including stocks, forex, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies – all tailored to the needs of traders from Asia.

“We know that each market we work with has its own specific needs,” the spokesperson said. Blake White. “It’s not just a language barrier. It’s also about different trading hours, habits, budgets, standards, etc. That’s why we spared no effort when designing our Asian trading offering, and we are sure that our users will not be disappointed with what we have put on the table.”

Global trade with a local perspective

One of the major economic factors affecting the global economy in 2021 is the difference in each region’s recovery from the COVID-19 financial crisis. Naturally, different regional markets recover at different rates, and that’s why traders need a solution that suits their region’s geo-economic situation. In this sense, seems to have done an outstanding job in the Asian market.

“We always adapt our strategies to reality, so that we are not in a constant state of responding to events as they happen,” White added, “but rather in a state of seizing opportunities to tomorrow today.It is part of our core belief as a company, and we know that our partner merchants in Asia will benefit greatly.”


Created with the aim of breaking down barriers, has managed in a short time to become a household name across Asia and the globe. The brand offers CFD trading services on various assets, with its WebTrader owners (the Be-Web and Be-Mobile platforms). Merchants can choose from a selection of five account types, including the option of a Halal-certified Islamic account. also brings to the table a revolutionary tool for the financial market called “social trading”. It allows traders to copy the operations of more experienced users, thus replicating the results they obtain in their operations. More information on social trading, as well as advice and technical support, can be obtained through various means of communication, the most popular of which is the on-site chat function.

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