Online trading

Learn e-commerce in times of pandemic

The past two years have introduced many changes to our way of life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It meant new ways of living, new working environments and, most importantly, new ways of learning. We have seen many changes in education, mainly the shift from online and hybrid environments set up by traditional institutions to companies involved in learning like SmarTrade (, which offers education 100% free finance.

E-learning session with Gab Santos, SmarTrade market analyst and coach

SmarTrade’s advocacy to provide financial literacy to Filipinos has grown from face-to-face sessions and events to e-learning sessions, one-on-one online coaching, and online consultation. While it has its own challenges, this new setup has made it easier for the company to multiply its reach and reach customers interested in e-commerce, even in provincial regions.

During the difficult years of the pandemic, Filipinos have looked at different ways to manage their existing financial resources and even expand them. Many viewed online trading as an additional investment opportunity and this is where SmarTrade’s services played a vital role.

“We have been providing financial education to Filipinos for four years and it is really the core of our mission. Even the pandemic cannot stop us from reaching Filipinos who want to know more about financial wellness,” says Joyce Ann Mayo, President and CEO of SmarTrade.

SmarTrade’s 100% free e-learning sessions have helped many Filipinos understand financial wellness and at the same time gave them resources on how they can grow their money through different investments like than trading. The free e-learning sessions catered to different skill levels: from those who are just dipping their toes into investments to intermediate and advanced traders who want to hone their skills and keep abreast of global and local developments in the trading industry.

“SmarTrade’s extensive free e-learning modules and personalized one-on-one coaching sessions make learning accessible to all interested traders, wherever they are,” says Mayo. “SmarTrade is proud to be able to provide this platform to make it easier for all Filipinos to dive and learn through these free resources.”