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Learn the Best Trading Tool in Online Trading – Manila Newsletter

Whether you are new to an activity or you are already a seasoned practitioner, it is always best to sharpen your tools before starting or continuing your activity. When it comes to trading, the landscape is very dynamic, and a good trader knows they need to learn and update their skills so they can keep up to date with the latest tools and techniques to be on top of their game.

That’s why ATFX, a global leader in online trading, is teaming up with SmarTrade Philippines to bring its chief analyst, Alejandro Zambrano, to the Philippines in July to talk about the best trading tool for traders. At the heart of SmarTrade’s mission is to educate Filipinos about financial literacy and how to build generational wealth and multiple streams of income. This mission is rooted in the vision of helping Filipinos build better lives for themselves and their families.

Zambrano will talk about the ATFX support and resistance indicator. This trading tool shows how the trading system is implemented in the live markets, taking the guesswork out of reading the markets or developing your own trading strategies. Some of the benefits of learning this tool are knowing when and how to buy or short sell, where to place profit orders and how much to risk per trade, especially when dealing with major currency pairs, bitcoin, gold, etc much more.

“We are extremely excited about this event, not only because we are back to our face-to-face learning sessions and can meet new and old traders, but also because we know that Zambrano will bring so much value to the attendees of this event,” Joyce Mayo, President and CEO of SmarTrade beams. “We always believe in giving the best value to our learners when it comes to financial education. So we couldn’t have a better speaker to kick off our series of financial learning events here in the Philippines than to ask ATFX’s Global Chief Analyst to talk about the best trading tool in the market today.

Zambrano’s extensive trading experience includes serving as Chief Analyst and Chief Market Strategist before becoming ATFX’s Global Chief Analyst. He publishes analysis for currency markets, global indices and commodities that are frequently quoted in the international press and he has also been interviewed on financial TV programs like Bloomberg Ashraq, CNBC Europe and Arabic, featured in Reuters Europe, AFP, Skynews and FontiTV and emerges as a leading educator for traders. Zambrano holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics as well as a Master of Science in Economics.

The event will kick off in Baguio, then roadshow through Cebu and Davao, culminating in Metro Manila. To learn more about the final dates of the event and how to register for free, visit