Online shopping

London’s Hullabalook raises $8.2 million to revolutionize the online shopping experience

A London-based B2B software company whose technology platform is transforming the way retailers build e-commerce sites, Hullabalook has raised $8.2m. The round was led by Nauta Capital and backed by existing investors Conviction VC & Passion Capital.

The capital investment will support the startup’s continued growth in the UK and into new markets in North America and Europe as retailers seek to capitalize on the continued shift in consumer behavior.

Bryony Elliott, co-founder of Hullabalook, said, “Our mission is to make it easy for retailers to browse and shop for product catalogs. Online shopping journeys are the same as a decade ago, and traditional navigation processes coupled with ever-expanding product catalogs make product discovery very difficult for consumers. »

Founded in 2016, the company has created a new platform that allows retailers to experience all the benefits of headless commerce technologies without having to switch platforms.

The approach of combining an intelligent product data enrichment engine with a Storefront Progressive Web Application (PWA) builder creates shopping experiences that are unmatched in speed and smoothness and can be adopted incrementally.

The company offers an e-commerce platform that enables the creation of user journeys not possible with any other technological choice and which can be quickly deployed by startups as well as by the largest distribution companies.

Scaling has generated incredible growth over the past year, with revenue at the end of 2021 up 3x from the prior year. Retailers using Hullabalook’s software regularly see double-digit percentage increases in conversion rate and revenue, which has helped Hullabalook win customers around the world as well as many UK retailers and brands such as MADE. com, B&Q, Sainsburys Group, Currys & Dunelm.