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Online Market Orientation of the Online Trading Academy Nearly 125,000 participants

The industry leader in retail trader and investor education continues to lead the way in providing a different focus to market timing

IRVINE, Calif., October 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Online Trading Academy is the industry leader in training traders and investors. Since 1997, 580,000 people have taken OTA’s free introductory course at one of over 30 locations worldwide or at their online virtual center.

Online Market Orientation of the Online Trading Academy Nearly 125,000 participants

Almost 10 years ago, OTA launched its “Market Timing Orientation”, a 3-day on-site or 6-8 hour online course. The class allows for a much more comprehensive introduction and overview of OTAs:

Nearly 125,000 people have participated in this program. In 2019, the last full year of normal operations before the pandemic, more than 22,000 people attended, averaging nearly 2,000 per month. For just a few hundred dollars, it’s an extremely valuable step to begin their learning journey. The Market Timing Orientation class provides an overview of asset classes, including stocks, futures, options, Forex and cryptocurrency, and objectives ranging from short-term trading to long-term investing term. Participants are also introduced to OTA Income and Wealth Education Planning to chart their educational path based on their financial goals.

“The three-day course was pivotal. It helped me realize that there are so many more opportunities than moving into mutual funds,” said Paul Wheeler. Wheeler was a student at both Houston and Irvine, California centers since 2013.

Marty Alexandera new OTA student added, “As a RN, I know a lot of people who have taken a full course only to find they didn’t like it. The three-day course helps you get an idea of ​​what you need to know, what you need to learn and where you need to go to achieve your goals.”

“Our Market Timing Orientation Course is a great first introductory step for people looking to advance their learning journey with trading and investing. Whether they are a bit experienced and looking to do better, or beginners not getting the results they want, or novices wanting to get started on the right foot, this is an incredibly valuable opportunity to explore a different direction from market timing,” said Michael Richardson, President of the Online Trading Academy. He went on to say, “Above all, attendees get to experience a very special place, deep learning experiences that OTA provides, surrounded by support and community to facilitate the student learning journey. Our students tell us they love it.”

In a recent student survey, the majority of respondents said that the OTA has become an important part of their lives and that they wish they had started their studies earlier: 6 out of 10 students said that the Academy of online trading was an important part of their life. . 7 out of 10 wished they had started sooner.

“Our students provide us with so much insight into educated versus uneducated retail traders and investors and how to facilitate the learning journey for students. The Market Timing Orientation Course is a great introductory stage and provides valuable, practical and actionable insights that help them get started,” said Francois Ted, Vice President of Insights for Online Trading Academy. He went on to say, “They will often talk about their Market Timing orientation course for years to come, as a focal point on their journey to becoming an educated trader and investor and developing skills, evolving skills and build confidence.”

About OTA

Online Trading Academy (OTA) is the industry leader in financial education for people looking to develop their skills, build their skills and build their confidence for retail trading and investing in the financial markets. No other educator offers the combined combination of physical education centers, a proprietary methodology (Core Strategy) and a patented enabling technology platform (CliK), all grounded in responsible risk management. OTA’s proprietary, step-by-step Basic Strategy Methodology is designed to teach strategies to help traders and investors make smarter decisions aligned with their short- and long-term financial goals. Students learn under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors, in an interactive classroom with many online educational resources and a next-generation education, analytics and trading platform called CliK. The courses are intended for individual investors or traders, new or experienced, who want to learn how to use trading tools and techniques similar to those of professional traders on Wall Street. From one place in Irvine, California, Online Trading Academy is in its 25th year, has expanded to more than 30 training centers and served more than 85,000 students with access to continuing education with an average satisfaction rate of 94.4% on the base of more than 210,000 post-class exit surveys. It all starts with a free introductory course, which over 580,000 people have attended.

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