Online purchase

Online shopping is the top consumer complaint

PROBLEMS with online transactions topped the list of complaints in Perak last year, said director of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Saifullizan Kamarul Zaman.

He said 544 complaints had been received, including for incompatible products and unfair pricing.

“The majority of consumer complaints were about receiving items that were not what was ordered.

“We remind consumers to make sure that the websites they are buying from are legitimate and that the seller is registered with the ministry,” Saifullizan told a news conference after walking around and checking the maximum price control” from Keluarga Malaysia at Ipoh Central Market yesterday.

He advised consumers to compare prices between different online platforms to get the best deals and avoid being cheated.

“Those who encounter problems with online sellers can file a complaint with the ministry,” he said, adding that other consumer complaints were about unfair prices (201 cases), unclear services (179), automotive workshops (52) and prices. of controlled items (37).

Saifullizan said there were no problems with the supply of chicken, fish, vegetables or eggs in Perak.

“The supply of these items is stable.

“The price of some vegetables and fish has gone down,” he said, adding that the price differences were due to poor weather conditions.

“Chicken, egg and vegetable prices have stabilized as they are included in the price control system.

“Sellers do not necessarily have to sell at prices set by the government because they can also sell at a lower price,” he added.

The program, implemented from Dec. 7 last year until Feb. 4, aims to stabilize prices of essential items and ensure adequate supply.

Regarding the application of the scheme, Saifullizan said that RM2,200 of compounds were issued and RM1,000 of items were seized.

“There have been 15 cases. Thirteen of them did not display price tags correctly and two had been arrested for overcharging for controlled items.

“We hope traders will continue to follow the laws,” he added.