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Online Trading Academy launches Women in Trading & Investing

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A recent survey of over 1,000 OTA students in April 2021 indicated that 22% of them were female. Company data shows their student makeup has been between 18 and 20 percent since 2011.

“While we think 20% is a big chunk, we also think it’s not enough. A lot of research suggests that women are actually better than men when it comes to trading and investing,” said Mike Richardson, President of the Online Trading Academy, went on to say, “At the very least, they should partner in the process with male counterparties or financial advisers, and we are committed to helping them learn the skills , to develop their skills and build their confidence to do so.”

Having served over 80,000 students with their entire life trading and investment education so far, for more than two decades, Online Trading Academy has been well positioned to lead this initiative. “OTA’s Women in Trading & Investing initiative is a portal created by women for women who want to develop their financial skills and confidence,” said Lisa Kolibar, vice president of the Online Trading Academy, which champions the ‘initiative. She added, “Listen to women who are trading and investing now; how they overcame stereotypes and found the motivation to make it happen. At OTA, we’re committed to helping women stay strong, no matter where they are in life or what that may bring. From startup to risk management, WITI offers women a collection of videos, articles and podcasts that are sure to light their way,” she added. In particular, the Online Trading Academy’s Women in Trading and Investing initiative will give voice to female students, instructors, and team members to share their stories to inspire other women to follow in their footsteps.

“Our WITI Conversations podcast will hear from women in our community and how they have been on their learning journey,” said Kayla Christine, instructor at the Online Trading Academy and host of the WITI Conversations podcast. She added, “I can’t wait to hear their stories and compare my notes with mine, having myself started as a student with OTA in 2014, then became an instructor and now helping to inspire others.”

The WITI portal can be found on OTA’s OTAcademy site:

About OTA:

Online Trading Academy (OTA) is a leader in financial education for people looking to develop their skills, build their skills and build their confidence to trade and invest in the financial markets. OTA’s proprietary, step-by-step Basic Strategy Methodology is designed to teach strategies to help traders and investors make smarter decisions aligned with their short- and long-term financial goals. Students learn under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors, in an interactive classroom with many online educational resources and a next-generation education, analytics and trading platform called CliK. The courses are aimed at individual investors or traders, new or experienced, who want to learn how to use trading tools and techniques similar to those of professional traders on Wall Street. From a single location in Irvine, California, Online Trading Academy is in its 24th year, has expanded to over 35 training centers worldwide, served over 80,000 students with access to Continuing Education who rated their satisfaction at 94.4% on more than 200,000 post-class exit surveys. It all starts with a free introductory course, which over 500,000 people have attended.