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Rylan Clarke leaves fans hysterical with drunken online shopping

Shopping while intoxicated is a dangerous activity. Many people rush online to make the most random purchases, from cat chairs to random paintings, and they wonder why afterwards.

It seems that celebrities are no different from us. Radio 2 DJ and TV favorite Rylan Clarke recently left fans hysterical with a purchase he made after a booze or two. He shared with his Twitter followers that he bought a random squirrel picnic table with a red umbrella while drunk.

Alongside the photo of the squirrel table, Rylan tweeted, “Don’t get drunk and order picnic tables for the squirrels. He then captioned another post, ‘Why am I like this? “

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Fans were further impressed when he posted a video of the squirrels picnic table outside with a very happy squirrel munching on nuts. He tweeted alongside the video “I took it out why am I like this.”

Many fans responded with photos of their squirrel picnic purchase which were all inspired by Rylan’s drunken purchase. Others also shared their own drunk purchases.

Rylan Clarke leaves fans hysterical as he places a drunken online order’

Penny Fuller said, “It happens to all of us Rylan. I ordered a shelf once and a large poster of a picture of a shelf arrived.” Sarah Smith said: “When I was drunk I ordered flowers from my best friend because ‘Bringing You Flowers’ was playing… 3 days later she messaged me explaining why I had bought lavender flower soaps for her 6 year old son.”

Joanne Williams went further and said, “Awesome. I bought the p****d cat. Now my favorite member of the family.”

The former X-Factor star later posted the video to her Instagram account. He said: “I love it tbh”. Her Instagram followers also loved it. One said, “Oh my god I love this, where did you get this from please?”