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SCI Ecommerce rides the wave of online shopping

SINGAPORE – The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of e-commerce, and companies operating in this space have reaped the benefits.

E-commerce company SCI Ecommerce has recorded a compound annual growth rate of 320%, which has allowed it to take second place in the ranking of the fastest growing companies here compiled by The Straits Times and the company of Statista data.

Joseph Liu, Managing Director of SCI Ecommerce, observed: “As lockdowns have become the new normal, businesses and consumers have increasingly gone digital, providing and purchasing more goods and services online, and increasing the share of e-commerce in global retail from 14% in 2019 to around 17% in 2020.

“We’ve seen strong adoption of e-commerce across all regions, with consumers in emerging economies turning the most to online shopping.”

The company was founded in Singapore in 2011. It now has around 200 employees based in Southeast Asia and China.

Its goal is to help brands reach consumers through e-commerce channels, and also to provide consumers with a greater variety of products to choose from.

Mr. Liu said, “We are in the middle, between brands at the top and consumer apps at the bottom. Brands and consumer apps will constantly evolve, but our goal is to be the one constant in the time.”

The company aims to reach its next stage of growth by continuing to deepen its relationships with brands and merchants by providing the best services and technologies.

Mr. Liu said, “We will also further strengthen our digital and technological capabilities through continuous research and development, expand into new categories and deepen our presence in Southeast Asia and beyond.

He is also aware that his business is in a highly competitive space, where businesses can quickly become obsolete.

“Having a growth mindset and a sincere heart to embrace change is key and essential to maintaining a leadership position in the e-commerce industry,” he said.

“Always focus on your service and make ‘customer first’ a part of your culture.