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Spartan Trade Review – A Gateway to Online Trading

Spartan trade is a great platform for newbie traders and investors who want to enter the world of online trading.

Why we choose Spartan Trade

Spartan Trade focuses on the new and less experienced trader or investor, offering extensive educational resources, research tools and features to simplify trading. Its trading platform takes into account the needs of the novice investor, but also incorporates intuitive and advanced features to support experienced investors.

Here are the main advantages of trading with Spartan Trade

Many educational resources

Spartan Trade offers an extensive collection of educational materials in multiple formats. The material includes videos, articles, market reports, data analysis and tutorials developed by experts. Traders can also live stream news from the platforms in real time. The trading platforms also support demo accounts which allow traders to test their skills without risking real money. Resources can be accessed on all Spartan Trade trading platforms.

Reduced fees

The other reason to consider trading with Spartan Trade is their lower fees and commissions. The broker allows traders to buy and sell stocks and ETFs for free on all of its platforms. Additionally, they have eliminated most typical fees, keeping costs to a minimum. This makes it an excellent investment platform for institutional investors and retail traders.

Diversified product offerings

Spartan Trade supports trading multiple asset classes and investments on its platforms. The wide selection of product offerings ensures greater convenience and freedom for newbie traders and seasoned investors looking to diversify their investments or gain exposure to new global markets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spartan Trade

Like any other broker, Spartan Trade also has unique advantages and potential constraints. Understanding these two aspects is essential to assess the overall experience of trading or investing your money with Spartan Trade.


  • Detailed educational resources
  • Reduced fees and marginal rates
  • A wider selection of product offerings
  • Reliable customer support

The inconvenients

  • Trading platforms are not accessible in some countries

What do they offer?

Spartan Trade offers a wider selection of products than most of its immediate competitors who have been in the industry for much longer. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why it ranks among several traders and investors today. Here is a list of asset classes that can be traded on Spartan Trade.

  • Shares
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Forex
  • CFDs
  • Goods
  • AND F
  • Choice

Spartan Trade continuously tracks the price movements of various assets across multiple global markets to deliver the most profitable results. Also, they regularly adjust product offerings to provide more opportunities for traders and investors based on customer demand.

About fees and commissions

Trading stocks, ETFs and options on the Spartan Trade desktop program, web platform or mobile app is free. On the other hand, trading crypto, forex, ETFs, and commodities incurs different fees and commissions. However, the broker uses a tiered pricing system that guarantees relatively lower fees and marginal rates for all traders and investors. This is why Spartan Trade fees and commissions are lower than the industry average.

Trading platforms

Clients can open accounts through this broker’s desktop program, web platform or mobile app. The trading experience is simplified across all sites as they share similar features. The programs feature a simple design, with intuitive features that simplify the entire trading experience.

All trading platforms have easy-to-use features that make navigation easy, even for beginners. They support demo accounts, placing multiple orders, creating watchlists, and creating charts. Besides, users also have the option to add instruments according to their needs. Traders can also find plenty of educational materials including trading ideas, video tutorials, and analytical tools on the platforms.

Desktop and web programs also support live news feeds to keep traders and investors informed of market conditions and trends. However, Spartan Trade’s trading platforms are currently not accessible in most countries.

Are my investments safe with Spartan Trade?

Spartan Trade has not encountered any security issues, and there are currently no indications of imminent risk. However, online investing and trading volatile assets such as crypto generally come with unique risks. Spartan Trade implements various strong security measures including biometric login and 2FA features for its accounts. Traders and investors may also consider taking additional security precautions, such as not holding their funds in custodial wallets on trading platforms.

Overall, Spartan Trade is a low-risk brokerage firm with excellent trading platforms, diverse product offerings, and low fees, ideal for newbie traders and experienced investors alike. Please visit this broker’s website for more information.

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