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Sunanc International Limited Online Trading Platform for Financial Derivatives: Transaction Services Ensure Safer Investment

Sunanc International Limited is a leading provider of financial derivatives services in the online trading market

London, UK, 08 Jul. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Sunanc International Limited officially launched the MT5 mobile web terminal. As a multifunctional online trading system software, it integrates a set of market charts and sales reports, technical analysis, trading orders, etc. Sunanc customers no longer need to pay attention to the computer trading terminal. On the contrary, the financial transaction market can be monitored anytime and anywhere via mobile phones or tablets, thus realizing a free and convenient trading environment.


Founded in the UK, Sunanc International Limited is one of the premier providers of financial derivatives services in the online trading market, which is relatively more mature and stable. Currently, Sunanc, based on a flexible and stable online trading platform, provides global investors with more comprehensive financial trading services covering stocks, currencies, gold and silver, financial futures and global futures brokerage and other financial activities.

As a leading global financial technology company, Sunanc International Limited is committed to becoming one of the best providers of online financial derivatives trading services in the world. Sunanc brings together the world’s leading financial practitioners, experienced technical staff and a world-class quantitative team. Through simulation, calculation, intelligent AI algorithm and other financial quantitative models, Sunanc makes platform asset optimization and iteration rate several times higher than others companies in the industry, provides multi-curve analysis, targeted advice and trade hosting services for global clients to identify leading digital assets and conducts research to help quantitative trading profit from digital assets.

A few days ago, the reporter experienced Sunanc MT5 online trading system software. This software can be used in multiple systems such as iPhone, iPad and Android to meet the needs of different user groups from different experience perspectives. After experiencing the operation, we can see that the MT5 online trading system software is, in fact, obviously different from other trading software available in the market. For example, it outperforms others in avoiding repeat quotes, bi-directional long-short trading, instant T+0 trading, achieving blazing trade execution speed and efficient trading environment. and transparent. The whole trading process is so efficient and transparent that the platform is relatively safe for investors.

“Under Financial Conduct Authority regulations, all Sunanc client funds are segregated from company equity and held separately at the world’s largest banks. Sunanc has established stable and cooperative relationships with Hotspot FX, FastMatch, Currenex, CFH Clearing, UBS Group, ANZ Bank, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, CommBank, HSBC, BOA, SCB, Societe Generale and other world-class banks, liquidity providers and the best clearing houses in the world. The head of Sunanc International Limited said in an interview with reporters.

An efficient and transparent digital asset trading platform is the first impression left on its investors. Sunanc, as a global leader in contracts for differences brokerage, enables investors to trade financial derivatives online securely without worrying about the security and transparency of the platform, or the integrity and robustness order management system.

Facing the global economy influenced by COVID-19, the international financial market is unpredictable. For retail investors or institutional investors, this is the worst time, but also the best time. The saying goes that a handy tool makes a handyman. If you want to get the fastest investment insights and abundant investment returns in a fast-paced market, choosing a safe and stable online financial derivatives trading service provider is extremely important.

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