Online shopping

the behaviors and attitudes that shape online shopping around the world

If someone were to create a typical cross-border power buyer profile in 2021, that buyer would likely be a millennial woman, married with no children, from China or the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Of course, there are nuances to explore, and in 2021 nothing could have been considered typical. But will it stay the same in the new year?

As we head into 2022, global direct-to-consumer e-commerce provider ESW has once again provided an update on the shifting dynamics affecting brands and retailers around the world, as the industry continues to navigate a global pandemic. which, in everyone’s opinion, has accelerated the shift to online sales. cross-border purchases.

In late 2021, ESW conducted its Global Voices 2022 survey, a follow-up to the July 2021 pre-peak survey that provided new consumer insights as new cohorts emerged in the cross-border e-commerce space.

The latest survey collected responses from more than 14,000 consumers in 14 countries, taking a close look at generational shopping habits, behaviors and attitudes, specifically related to the cross-border shopping experience.

Download the report at:

– Find out who is shopping and why they are motivated to shop internationally

– Find out what they buy and the channels they use

– Understand buyers’ expectations of buying internationally and what deters them from buying internationally

– Find out which channels are used to find brands and products in different countries

– Find out what the themes will be for 2022

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