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Thirstie Releases Data Analytics Report Highlighting Core Spirits’ Online Shopping Behaviors

Data from Thirstie revealed that small, wealthy families account for almost a quarter of online basic spirits sales with a 22% share. They are followed by suburban singles who also made a significant share of sales with 21%.

On the heels of Inauguration of Thirstie Digital Consumer Information report, the company analyzed the shopping habits of more than 5,000 consumers of legal drinking age who purchased Core Spirits across the United States through brand storefronts powered by Thirstie’s December 2020December 2021.

When assessing online sales for subcategories, Thirstie found that small wealthy families dominate the most, including gin (29%), rum (32%) and vodka (23%). However, small middle class families have the highest share of whiskey at 28%. The data report also explained that retirees make up a significant portion of the rum and vodka consumer base (25% and 21%, respectively), while single commuters make up a large portion of gin purchases (20% ).

Since the launch of its enterprise e-commerce solution in 2017, Thirstie focused on arming liquor suppliers and brands with first-party data. By empowering brands with consumer data and insights, Thirstie has enabled hundreds of alcohol brands to generate significant retail revenue through their digital storefronts.

“Through the implementation of innovative technologies and solutions, Thirstie is transforming the beverage alcohol industry to be on par with and surpassing other CPG industries,” Devaraj said. Southworth, CEO and co-founder of Thirstie. “Data is at the heart of this evolution. Providing alcohol brands with real insights into their consumers and their category is something that will undoubtedly continue to propel our industry forward.”

Main lessons from Thirstie Digital Consumer Insights: Basic spirits include:

  1. Higher prices don’t deter online shoppers: Consumers of all personality segments for basic spirits show a willingness to purchase premium items and checkout with multiple items in their cart.
  2. The Suburban Families have a well-stocked bar: Suburban families, whether small affluent families or small middle class families, play a significant role in the online buying audience for basic spirits.
  3. Age plays an important role in driving sales of specific online categories: Young single consumers prefer the different flavor profiles of gin. Older consumers will turn to vodka or rum.

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This report was compiled by Thirstie Data Intelligence which analyzed the shopping habits of over 5,000 consumers of legal drinking age who purchased Core Spirits (storefronts offering whiskey, vodka, rum and gin) at across the United States via brand storefronts powered by Thirstie from Dec. 2020Dec. 2021. For the full methodology of the report, please contact [email protected]

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Thirst, a new York technology-based company connects brands to consumers. Its offerings include white label e-commerce, consumer adoption and data intelligence solutions for alcoholic beverage brands. Founded by Devaraj Southworth and Maxim Razmakhin in 2014, Thirstie helps brands power consumer interactions in a compliant three-tier industry system. For more information on Thirstie, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn @Thirstie or Twitter, @AreYouThirstie.