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This easy shopping hack saved me 25% on a big online purchase

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Take advantage of promo codes!

Key points

  • Shopping online doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • You can keep more money in your bank account by using promotional codes.
  • In addition to getting cashback on your online order, you may be able to earn cashback by using a rewards credit card and using cashback apps.

Although I still do some of my shopping in person, I do a lot of shopping online. It’s convenient, saves time, and gives me the opportunity to research what I’m getting before I spend my money.

When shopping online, I do my best to use promotional codes. Many major retailers carry them, and taking advantage of them could lower your shopping bill and make it easier to stick to your budget.

As more stores make it easier to order online, it’s become my preferred method of shopping. I don’t have to deal with crowds, keep track of store hours, or travel long distances.

Another benefit of shopping online is that many major retailers offer fast delivery. This means that I can always get what I need within days, without leaving home.

Sometimes free shipping is available which is also a big win for my bank account.

Are you a big fan of online shopping?

The #1 money saving hack that I would pass on to any online shopper is to use promo codes. Always check if a discount code is available before finalizing your order.

Many major retailers offer discount codes, so it’s easy to save money on your orders. So why pay full price if you can avoid it?

You may be wondering where to find these codes. Sometimes I receive promotional codes in email marketing messages. Other times I have to look up codes on my own, but it’s easy to do.

You can easily use coupon apps or browser extensions to find available codes for your favorite retailers. Another option is to use websites like RetailMeNot to track down the codes.

Recently I planned to make a $200 purchase online. I spent a few moments digging through the promo codes available. The code I had in my email and the one advertised all over the brand’s website was not the best deal.

But I quickly found a code that offered even more savings – worth 25% off my purchase.

With this code I was able to get a $50 discount. Instead of paying $200, my purchase cost me $150. The best part is that it took about five minutes to find the best code.

Take steps to maximize your savings online

I also recommend looking for ways to maximize the savings you get.

If you use cashback apps or browser extensions, you may be able to earn cashback on your purchase while using a promo code.

Before making my purchase, I activated my Rakuten account to earn 3% cash back. With Rakuten, my income is registered in my account and I receive quarterly payments. My current Rakuten balance is around $45 – so that will be a nice extra check to come.

Before checking out, it’s also a great idea to think about how you plan to pay for your order. By using cash back credit cards, you can earn valuable rewards. Look at the cards in your wallet and determine which card is best to use to maximize the rewards you earn.

You’re missing out if you don’t use promo codes while shopping online. These discount codes are easy to find and use and could help you save some money.

As you save money, you can invest more money in other financial goals, such as paying off debt or building up your savings.

For more ways to save money, check out our personal finance resources.

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