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Trading-Club Review – Experience Low Cost Online Trading

Trading Club is an excellent multi-asset online trading platform for the trader and investor who demands low fees and commissions.

Main advantages

Most brokers are generally good, with almost similar trading practices and policies. However, they also have unique attributes that make all the difference. Here are the main benefits of Trading-Club that give it an edge in the industry.

Lower margin rates

Like other brokers, Trading-Club’s fees and commissions also vary based on traded asset classes, trading volumes, and other aspects. However, the broker has eliminated fees and commissions for certain trades, including stocks and ETFs. Traders are also not subject to minimum account deposits and inactivity fees. Overall, the broker has lower margin interest rates than the industry average.

Access to multiple products

Investing with Trading-Club also gives traders and investors access to various products and markets around the world. This makes it a fantastic platform for beginners looking to get started with online trading and active traders and investors looking to diversify their investments across multiple global assets and markets.

Extensive teaching material

Online trading may seem simple, but it has unique pitfalls that could make it quite overwhelming for novices. It is perhaps for this reason that Trading-Club offers its customers numerous educational materials. Resources are readily available across all of its trading platforms to guide traders in navigating programs and making informed financial decisions.

Introducing Trading Club

Trading-Club is less well known but has recently attracted a growing number of local and international traders and investors. The broker’s main focus is on low-cost online trading, but it also has other potential advantages and constraints that you need to understand to determine which one is best for you.


  • Reduced fees and commissions
  • Diversified product offerings
  • Access to multiple global markets
  • Extensive teaching material

The inconvenients

  • The broker has only two trading platforms
  • The mobile platform is currently being improved

What are their rates?

Online trading assets incur fees, commissions and interest rates specific to each broker. However, Trading-Club has streamlined its pricing strategy to provide traders and investors with more investment options at lower cost. Thanks to its commission-free ETF and stock trading, you don’t have to pay anything for all trades involving these two asset classes.

Trading-Club has removed minimum account deposit, monthly inactivity and withdrawal fees from its schedule. Their tier-based pricing approach contributes to a more profitable investment by keeping fees, commissions, and margin interest rates low across all trading platforms. However, rates can change suddenly, so always check the fee schedule before fulfilling orders.

Products and markets

Trading-Club is a relatively new player in the world of online trading, which might make some people think that it has a limited product offering. However, Trading-Club has a strong portfolio that incorporates various asset classes and fixed income products to delight all types of traders and investors. Their product offerings include;

  • Shares
  • Forex
  • AND F
  • CFDs
  • Forex
  • Goods

Although Trading-Club’s services are not available in some countries, the broker provides its clients with access to several stock, crypto, forex and commodity markets around the world. This greatly expands the playing field, providing traders and investors with a variety of alternatives on how and where to invest their money. Moreover, it is also an excellent strategy to diversify wealth and reduce risk exposure.

Trading platforms

Trading-Club offers two trading platforms; a web program and a mobile application. Traders and investors can create accounts from any of the platforms for free. The programs are compatible with several Android and iOS devices. Both have a clean design with robust and intuitive features that streamline the experience for all users. The web program and the mobile app have similar tools and functions, with customization options.

Trading-Club’s trading platforms support charts, multi-leg options, watchlists, alerts, portfolio reports, filters, data streaming, search functions and automated trading. The sites also provide access to a wealth of educational materials, including tutorials, market reports, expert commentary, and industry news. However, the web program has more robust functionality than the mobile app. In addition, the application is currently undergoing improvements which could sometimes have an impact on its usability.

final verdict

Overall, Trading-Club is a great investment platform for all types of traders and investors who need access to various products, global markets, and low fees. However, starting online trading should mainly depend on your investment goals and risk threshold.

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