Online shopping

Turkish consumers mostly complained about online shopping last year


Last year, Turkish consumers filed the most complaints about online shopping experiences, banking services and internet service providers, while arbitration boards settled a dispute worth 870 million Turkish liras ($64.1 million).


In 2021, most consumer complaints came from the e-commerce sector with around 415,000 complaints, which is 13.8% of the total number, according to Turkish customer complaints website Şikayetvar.

With 322,000 complaints, finance was the second most frequently denounced sector, followed by internet service providers, freight companies and players in the shopping sector.

When the e-commerce sector sub-fractions were examined, it was observed that online marketplaces dominate the field with 207,000 complaints.

Online food delivery stands out as another category that has been the subject of the most frequent complaints in this sector amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the financial sector in 2021, while consumers mainly complained about banks, there is a noticeable increase in complaints about cryptocurrency platforms.


Complaints about ISPs spiked in 2021, when companies were unable to provide service in places with infrastructure issues, forcing the customer to pay withdrawal fees and giving the customer false information about their campaigns.

Meanwhile, arbitration boards settled a dispute worth 870 million lira ($64.1 million) in 2021, according to a statement from the Ministry of Commerce. Nearly 52% of decisions made were in favor of consumers.