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UK online shopping controls are getting tougher | Personal finance | Finance

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements mean that cardholders will need to confirm two of three things. They are “something they are”, like a fingerprint or face ID; “something they know”, including access codes; and “something they have”, for example a cell phone.

People may find that they are prompted to verify a purchase via text message more often, receiving an access code that they are prompted to enter on the screen. Other confirmations could include answering an automated phone call to a landline or mobile phone.

A spokeswoman for banking and finance industry trade association UK Finance said SCA “is an important tool in the fight against fraud, adding an extra layer of protection when people pay online with a map”.

She added: “Customers should ensure that their bank has their correct details.

“If a customer has specific needs, they should contact their bank to discuss the help available.”

The proportion of transactions for which SCA applies has steadily increased since the beginning of this year. Certain transactions may be exempt, including repeat purchases such as subscriptions.

Tom Ironside, of the British Retail Consortium, said: “Retailers have worked hard to prepare for the requirements of SCA, ensuring that… any additional friction is kept to a minimum.

“Customers need to be reassured that buying online has never been safer.”

But Dennis Reed, of seniors’ group Silver Voices, said: “Of course we want to fight online fraud.

“But doing things like having fingerprints or facial recognition technology is going to turn off a lot of older people.”